600W LED Indoor Plants Grow Light Kit, Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Indoor Greenhouse Plants Veg and Flower, Cannabis Marijuana Weed and Medicinal Plants(10W Leds 60Pcs)

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Application: Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture. Can be used in house garden, pot culture, garden, sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, bonsai, green house, sowing, breeding, farm,pipeline cultivation and so on.


Full specturm led grow lights,the color ratio is samilar to the sunlight, include red,blue,yellow,white,IR and UV. Infrared can promote stem elongation and seed germination, increase yield in a certain degree.Ultravio can letsterilization, kill bacteria and reduce the plant disease.

High efficiency powerful 10W epistar double chips, low energy consumption, 3 to 5 times in efficiency than HID lights and HPS lights,Transferring 90% of electrical energy into plant

Free strong hanging kits are available for easy installation

All LEDs with a zener diode to ensure one LED out the rest can still working very well


600W LED grow light:

LED lights: 60Pcs 10W Double Chips LED

Chips Qty: 60pcs (Red 38pcs, Blue 12pcs, white 8pcs, UV1pcs, IR1pcs)

Dimensions: 12.2*8.27*2.36inch/310*210*60 mm

Coverage Area: Approximately 3.5 × 4 sq. Ft. (Lighting area and height varies according to plant and environment)

Lumens: 6000lm

Package includes: 1X LED grow light,1X US Plug power cord,1X hanging hook

Attentions & Cautions:

1-Working voltage: 85~265V

2-Working environment: -20℃~40℃

3-Recommended height to the plant: 0.5m~1.5m according to different growing stage

4-Suggested continous working time: 10~16 housrs per day

5-It is required to make product work indoor

6-Please do not touch or strike the LED light during its normal working

7-Be sure not to make the product get any touch with water or use it at the place where the water is dripping

600W Powerful Lights:Double Chips 10W(2pcs 5w chips in every led) LEDs which is much brighter and efficient than 3W and 5W LEDs. Energy saving, just consumes about 110w-120w power. High brightness and Long lifespan.
UV function sterilizes growth and kills bacteria which seriously influence plant’s growth and ability to produce abundant healthy flowers. The IR function promotes cell division which improves growth in both vegetation and flowering phases. This can increase yield to a certain degree.
Professional spectrum provided by over 8 years researching and producing grow lights experience manufacturer. The optimal spectrum which provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.
Daisy-chain connection is available. Two or more light can be connected together with the standard included power cord. Perfect for a 3×3′ growing area at 24″ height (Max coverage 4×4′)
Overheat Protection:Two cooling fans in every kit, keep the lights working longer.And every led has a resistance to keep them work separately.


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