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Investigators release CCTV images after girl allegedly assaulted in Sydney CBD

 Police report that the alleged incident took place at a gaming arcade in Sydney’s CBD at about 2:10pm this afternoon  The 11-year-old girl was at the arcade in a shopping centre on Hay Street, Haymarket, when she was approached by an unknown man, investigators said  Police have been told he allegedly indecently assaulted the girl. […]

Emergency Food Rations Review- Fan Pick Friday | EpicReviewGuys CC

Hi I’m Paris and welcome to another fan pick Friday the product I’m reviewing today was chosen by viewers last Friday and it’s sort of topical it’s emergency food rations now this is really a topic I knew nothing about I’ve picked up so maybe freeze-dried foods for camping trips before but I really didn’t […]

KLOUDIC Portable Space Heater, Electric Heater Overheat Protection, 450W/950W Fan Heater

Hello everyone welcome to the life of Scott Weinger and reviews R Us so today we have a really really cool product that we are about to show you guys so stay tuned and get ready drop it so today we’re reviewing a fool out 100% authentic honest review of this space here this is […]

Brief Interventions for Cannabis Use Disorders: The Check-Up Model

My name is Meg Bruner and I’m from the Northwest ATTC and I’m sitting in as your host today for Bia Carlini, who’s out of town. I’m excited to present to you today’s webinar: brief interventions for cannabis use disorders: the checkup model presented by Dr. Denise Walker. Before I introduce Dr. Walker I just […]

Triple Sensor GW-9400 series Rangeman G-Shock watch review | UPs & DOWNs

Hello everyone this is GHF and today I’d like to talk about this GW-9400 series Rangeman g-shock watch I already disassembled this exact watch if you guys missed that video go have a look. In this video I’m just gonna quickly run through about this specific watch because I haven’t did it yet, I already […]