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Well hello everybody its Mike here I just want to welcome you back to Green Akers Place and the day I don’t know if you know this but April the 11th is actually National Pet day and according to this website it says if you consider your petty member of the family you are definitely not alone six out of ten pet owners feel the same way in fact two-thirds of Americans have pets and the ASPCA estimates that there are anywhere from seventy to eighty million dogs and 74 to ninety-six million cats owned in the United States alone fish birds gerbils and turtles are not far behind – there is one thing for sure Americans truly love pets and National Pet day is the perfect excuse to obsess over furry feathery or scaly friends on April the 11th so I wanted to share that with you and if you have pets I want to tell you we have a pet product over here at our company that I want to share with you you may not be aware of but anyway this is hemp works for pets and I actually use this product I’ve got a package of it right here and it works really well with our old dog we’ve got about a 15 16 year old dog and she has arthritis real bad and we give her one of these treats these these are like little wafers don’t get one of them out here and show you what they look like but they’re just like a little looks like a vanilla wafer really and it works really well with our dog but according to our own website here it says the healthy pet is a happy pet hemp works mission is to bring what we believe is a miracle plant back to the rest of the world for humans and pets we believe that by providing the highest quality CBD products on the market we can help millions of humans and pets around the world our CBD products for pets utilize the full spectrum plant or the whole plant from our organic hemp farms and FDA approved facilities in Kentucky then it goes on to say from seed to sale in recent years demand for CBD or skyrocketed and the market is being flooded with imported and poor quality CBD products as Hippocrates family’s Lee said let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food we take this seriously we have a team of in-house scientists geneticists and botanists as well as partnerships with state universities because our products are all made in the United States with our local farms we can control the supply chain from seed to sell we extract our whole from a subcritical co2 extraction method to ensure all the phytochemicals and phytonutrients with a hundred percent natural organic and locally sourced ingredients and so this goes on to say and I’ll leave a link in my description you can look at that and go to my website and see this a little bit more in detail but it shows how CBD works for pets and the different things in what areas that it works for and here we have down here at the very bottom we have two different acts two different products actually we have the wafers or the treats that I showed you and here they are right here but we also have a 250 milligram all which can be used for either cats our dogs and I’m going to click on the label here for the dog wafers and this is what it looks like right here basically it’s grain free it’s corn free and it’s soy free these CBD dog treats are 2.5 milligram of CBD pure treat and they’re beef flavored they’re veterinary approved they’re 100% natural and they’re of the highest quality ingredients okay and so also we see here let me try to blow this up a little bit if I can let you see this a little bit better but it’s formulated or as it says here 2.5 milligram full spectrum hemp cannabinoids per treat it’s formulated with full spectrum spectrum Hempel grown without GMOs or genetically modified organisms its pesticide and herbicide and chemical fertilizers free it’s made and packaged in the United States and the suggested serving size for these treats per dog is one to two treats now we give our dog once one once in the morning and one of the evening and it’s really helped her like I said it’s really helped her arthritis a lot this is veterinary formulated so the hip works dog treats with naturally occurring cannabinoids provides a central nutrition that your dogs crave we make our treats the old-fashioned way using all locally sourced ingredients we carefully made treats for your furry friend that contain no wheat no corn no soy no added sugars no salt no artificial preservatives no glycerin ZnO waxes or hydrogenated oils then we oven baked them to perfection and so there you have it folks today is national pet day April the 11th take care of your pet we love our pets just like we love our family and folks we have a very nice product over here at hip works I’m gonna leave a link to the description in the description for you and you can take a look at my website and that’s at Green Acres you guys have a great day we’ll be talking to you soon this is Mike with green acres place have a good


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