Cheapest weed on OCS “Fantasy Island” by Synr.G | Is it worth it?

Hey everybody welcome to iPot Review where I review pot for you! Today we’re reviewing a product by a company called SynrG called Fantasy Island whoa.. what happened there?? we’re reviewing fantasy island by SynrG it’s coming up check it out so Fantasy Island is an indica dominant hybrid which means it’s gonna be a chill buzz it also has medium strength THC which means it’s gonna get you a medium high unless you don’t smoke a lot then you’re gonna get really high it’s up to you to decide if you want to try this if you do then that’s great we’re gonna review it for you and stay tuned to the end because at the end I’ll tell you whether or not I actually think if you should buy this stuff or not.So we did a search first off on the OCS website we did a search for Synr.G which is S-Y-N and R dot G. SynrG. you’ll see on the OCS website that they have three products right now fantasy island, tropical breeze, and blueberry kush. fantasy island right now is showing to be 12 to 18 percent THC though if you go on the actual SynrG website they’re a little bit more specific they say it’s 15 percent but either case before I do that I want to show you the other strains that they have on their site. Tropical breeze; which is on the OCS website “savor the sweet breeze of this tropical indica dominant hybrid” we’re gonna be trying that soon. Pink grapefruit haze; “sour never tasted so sweet, a flavorful sativa dominant hybrid” this is not yet on the site but I would love to try this sativa dominant hybrid, “pink grapefruit haze” that sounds really great. and then they have Blueberry Kush “an inviting, aromatic hybrid strain” which I hear actually, they well, at least, they say that it smells like blueberry muffins and that sounds really cool.And then we have fantasy island which is the stuff we’re reviewing. Once again, “this indica dominant hybrid boasts Island inspired flavors” so the way that they describe this is that “This Indica-dominant hybrid features bright amber hairs exploding through a thick green canopy. The medium-sized buds are compact with wool like structure; taste buds tingle from the luxurious tang of rich berry, sweet pine and hints pumpkin spice.” so that sounds very nice and very aromatic and they again are showing here that it’s 15 percent which is what we got on our jar exactly so I’ll show you a picture of that right so going back on the site of OCS because there’s just one last thing I want to show you on here…So when you take a look at the site they’re showing that it’s $9.50 tax included in Ontario which is a super good price $31.60 for 3.5 and $60.05 per 7. That’s totally reasonable as far as I’m concerned. so we got 3.5 and I wanted to weigh that out. I have a video so I’ll show you that right here right now as I always do… check it out this is again 3.5 so the shot I show 3.5 on the scale so 3 and a half grams right now I’m showing 3.2… 3.3 Oh betcha any money we’re going to be a little under on this one too. 3.3… am I missing chunks anywhere? 3.3… huh. I’m sorry, I need to check. Are there any pieces missing there isn’t! okay now I’m showing 3.4 still not 3.5. so this can be three point four and a half four anywhere under 3.5 and over three point four so its not so bad. but it’s not the greatest we’ve had some others that have weighed up a point or two over so this is a little disappointing.Alright, so that’s it welcome back so like you saw there it was kind of hovering between 3.3 and 3.4… I hit the scale at one point, and it kind of flipped over to 3.4 for a second and then at the very last minute before the video cuts out it’s at 3.3 again that tells me that we’re really close to that 3.4 so we’re probably just about 0.1 of a gram off. That’s not a big deal. When it’s 3.5 grams and you’re missing 0.1 of it hurts a little bit more; more so than if it was like 0.1 of a gram on 7 grams Point one, on 3.5, I didn’t really like that. so let’s talk about the terpenes on this so the terpenes I’ll list them right here for you all we’ve got is alpha-Pinene beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, and trans-Caryophyllene, so the aroma that you’re gonna get from these is going to be well… according to the SynrG website, a little bit of a berry pine and pumpkin spice smell, but what I smell more than anything else when I smoke this stuff is pine, pine and citrus. Those smells really come through I don’t smell pumpkin spice but then again, I’m not really too sure what pumpkin spice smells like.Maybe that’s what I’m smelling, it’s a bit earthy a bit spicy but I don’t really smell the the berry or any of that but certainly the pine and the citrus from the Limonene for me is coming through, Now… let’s spark up this joint… I want to talk about the flavors. so when you smoke a joint okay, if you really want to get an idea of the flavor profile what you want to do is you want to draw it into your mouth and not just bring it right into your lungs but let the smoke go down your tongue and and all the way back this way when the smoke hits your tongue goes all the way back you get a full flavor profile and what I’m basically tasting is a is a very sweet, smooth, silky flavor. now when you say “smooth” it’s kind of like how do you describe like that the flavor that I’m getting right now? it’s not when I say smooth I’m not referring to the harshness of the joint.I’m referring really no flavor and it’s hard to explain it’s a bit.. it’s like maybe like, a cigarette would be considered smooth, in terms of flavor or silky. This would be similar to that. Nice smell.I taste a sweet smooth silkiness the buzz that comes with it is really nice. I smoked this on Sunday. I smoked it on, yesterday as well but on Sunday I mean I really got a really good idea of what this pot can do. Like, I ended up smoking a bong; a big fat bong around 12, noon and I didn’t smoke another and I ended up working on project after project after project and I was extremely focused I had a creativity that I hadn’t had in a long time and I was, I was, in a bit of a dreamy state so I would say that this stuff is really good if you’re…I don’t know if this is wrong to say, but if you’re doing homework? I like this for doing homework, studying, that sort of stuff. So if weed helps you study, this is good stuff to try. without a doubt it tastes good, the price is right. yeah so let’s talk about whether or not I would recommend this to you okay so Yeah without a doubt Yes – Hell yes, I would recommend this stuff. Fantasy Island, once again, at $9.50 a gram and 15 percent THC with a smooth silky flavor and a pine and citrusy smell that’s very pleasant overall with a buzz that’ll be perfect for listening to music chatting with friends chilling relaxing this buzz really puts you in fantasy island okay like so try it out I totally recommend you buy this stuff and let me know in the comments what you thought of it. if you like my videos check out my other ones and make sure you like and subscribe. See you guys next time! oh no – hey everybody welcome to iPot review where I review pot for you today we’re reviewing a product by a company called SynrG called Fantasy Island


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