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Hi I’m Paris back with my two-week follow-up of using the just four men control GX grey reducing shampoo I’ve been using this everyday out for two weeks and it has reduced my gray it’s changed my hair color and I’ll show you some pictures in a bit here you can compare it to how it was before and is it restoring to my original color well I’ll put in a picture of myself about 15 years ago you can see for yourself control G X is a shampoo and conditioner that when used daily will over time get rid of some of the gray in your hair not all of the gray goes for about $8 a tube I’m about halfway through this now after two weeks so I think this too but in the amount of hair that I have will last about a month you can find out more about it at the link down below this video this is the third video in the series I did an initial video before I even used it the first time and then in the shower how it lathered up and how it worked I did a one week follow-up this is the two week follow-up I’ll link to those other two videos at the end of this video and also in the description box down below if you’d like to go back and follow through and see how this has progressed now in last week’s video I did a demonstration with a bowl of water and some of the lather from this shampoo and we discovered about the bowl of water turning purple once the foam has a chance to mix in maybe that’s triggered by interaction with oxygen well as I was doing that little experiment on the desk some of the water spilled onto this towel which had no stains from drying my hair using this shampoo has no rub off issues on the towel or on my pillowcase but in that demonstration it did splash out and I did get purple stains on this towel let me show you now the instruction sheet for control GX says that if you do have some stains from it on your clothing or bedding it should come out in regular washing so I did not wash it right away after got the stains I used it to dry my hair for a couple more days then it went in regular wash slowed with other towels no bleach just regular detergent and some fabric softener here’s how it turned out after one washing you can still see a few purple marks but most of them have disappeared I anticipate these will disappear as well in my next washing but if you check back in two weeks on my one month follow up I’ll let you know fingernails staining it’s a different issue the very first day I’ve tried it I’ve got some black stain on the back of the fingernail and I thought it was because they weren’t wet when I actually started shampooing my hair but it’s been an on-again-off-again issue some days I don’t notice it some days it looks a lot darker now it makes sense that sticking your hand with fingernails into this gray reducing shampoo that’s sitting on your head slowly darkening it since the hair is made of keratin and fingernails are made of keratin it makes sense if you soak your fingernails in it it would have some coloring effect on them as well interestingly the effect is more pronounced on my right hands but I think that’s it since it’s my dominant hand I probably scrub more with that and I can’t wash my hair with the technique they described or you just put a little dab of it on the palms of your hands rub them together and then rub that onto your hair I don’t feel like I’m getting my hair clean if I haven’t dug my fingers and fingernails in and scrub down to the scalp for at least a few seconds again though it’s not cumulative it’s not my fingernails are getting darker as my hair is getting darker day after day some days it seems I’ve managed to dip them in when the shampoo is more active and there’s more discoloration and some days it’s hardly noticeable time to compare my hair shade after two weeks of using control gx2 my hair shade about 15-20 years ago so here we go the sides and the back what do you think has it restored my original shade or do I have a whole new shade going on now next I’m going to put up a screenshot from my first video before I use the control jacks for the first time and then I’ll put up a closer view of how I look right now and what I’d like is your opinion on do I look any younger now you can be honest I had no idea who clicks wet so I’m going to put a poll up in the corner if you’ll click on that I think it’s in this corner click on that and you can choose whether you think it’s made no difference or if you think I do look younger how much younger do I look now now where I go from here and continuing these reviews using a controlled GX is sort of up to you my thought was it’s gotten to the point where there’s going to be quite a lot of contrast between how dark my hair is getting and how light my beard is remaining and so I thought well I think I’ll stop at about this point and I’ll go to maintenance mode where I would shampoo with this every other day instead of every day and see us how to do a good job of keeping it at this shade the other option is I can continue to use this daily for another two weeks I think by one month of daily use I’ll hit the maximum of how dark it’s going to get if you’d like to see that I’m willing to give that a try though I don’t mind being a guinea pig for try this out but I do have to live my daily life and I’m afraid it’s going to just start looking funny if my hair is really dark and my beard is really great so I may take the beard off if I might decide to go that round please let me know in the comments down below this video whether you think I should try out the next couple weeks of maintenance mode for this shade or keep on going daily and see how dark I can get my hair either way when I’ve gotten to the point of having it as dark as I want I will do two weeks of maintenance mode to see if I’ll be enough to keep it that shade I don’t know if I get this the dark as possible I may need to keep doing it daily but we’ll see then after that I’m just going to stop using it and see how long it takes whether it will wash out a little more each day if I’m not reinforcing it by applying it or whether I’m going to get the light colored roots coming in one thing that’s nice about doing this as a daily little bit of adding color to the hair as opposed to just dyeing your hair once every two weeks once every month is I don’t think I’ll have the issue song as I’m using it of having gray roots come in because it’s they’re hitting the hair the minute it pops up out of the scalp it’s already every day working on it so by the time there’d be enough in the way of roots to see they’re already changing color and getting darker thank you for your help in responding to the poll and also in commenting down below this video about whether I should go to maintenance mode on the hair or see how dark I can get you can keep checking back for that video though you may not recognize me at that point or you can click that subscribe button in the bell next to it you’ll get notified when my videos go up or you can just keep watching my daily videos for the next two weeks and see what happens with the hair see you on the next review EPIK with you guys wanna watch it all you


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