HempWorx CBD Oil-Why I Recommend Hempworx And Hempworx CBD Oil

Well hello everybody its Mike here I just want to welcome you back to Green Akers place and today I want to talk to you about hemp works CBD oil and you know I’ve been taking him work CBD all for about now about five months now I guess and man I’ll tell you what I could talk to you about the benefits of hemp work CBD or all day long I mean it has taken a lot of the inflammation well not a lot but all the inflammation out of my joints and arthritis doesn’t bother me as bad I sleep very well and you know I’ve got plenty of rest and stuff and it just comes in a little bitty bottle like this right here this is the hemp works 500 which has 10 milligram of pure CBD land it we have a 750 also that has 15 milligrams of pure CBD per serving but not only that we also have CBD whole for dogs and cats you know it’s just amazing stuff we could talk about the side effects today even I mean to my knowledge there’s no known side effects I mean some people experience a headache every now and then or something like that maybe a little nausea but it may be because the serving size they’re taking is just a little bit too much you have to adjust your serving size a little bit but anyway man I can’t say enough about this hemp work CBD oil it’s just an amazing thing for me and you know there’s a lot of people asking about it you know some of the questions I get will hemp work CBD oil get you high well the answer to that is no because this only has 0.03 percent THC this is hemp works is from the cannabis plant it’s not like medical marijuana or anything like that marijuana what gets you high about marijuana is THC and like I said hemp works CBD oil only has 0.03 percent THC value and so anyway I just wanted to share this with you this morning hemp works CBD oil it’s often a lot of people are really raving about it and I’m one of them because I’ll tell you what it has done wonders for me you know I I know it doesn’t probably help everyone it’s not a I mean in one sense it’s a miracle it’s really not a drug this is a natural herbal supplement that comes from its a phytonutrient from a plant you know this is not some pharmaceutical chemical based medicine or nothing like that this is just a nutrient and man it’s awesome I mean it’s all-natural you know and it’s great for your body your body needs it we have cannabinoids receptors in our body that needs this and the problems that we’re having is that we don’t receive it in our food or anything like that so we can take this some lingually under the tongue is how i do it some people do it topically in different ways but I’m gonna tell you what man it’s awesome it is really awesome I can’t say enough about it so if you’re interested about hemp work CBD oil you know I’m gonna leave some links in the description box reach out to me leave me a comment click on the links go in and look around at my website you know there’s lots of information tons of information in there you can order the product right there online if you’re interested in that we also have some awesome opportunities to earn money over here you know if you’re looking for a side income or just some extra income per month or if you’re looking for a full-time income you can do that here this place is growing over 3,000 percent for a month a lot of months it’s just amazing I mean it’s crazy is it’s worldwide I mean people are getting on board and you know now’s the time to do that if you’re looking to earn some money you need to get in touch with me click on my link down there and you know or reach out to me leave me a comment or whatever and I’ll be happy to help you in the right direction with that because it is awesome and so we would look forward to hearing from you man you guys have a great day it’s Mike here from Green Acres Place will talk to you soon


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