Local veterans turning to CBD oil to treat PTSD symptoms

Tonight we’re hearing from a local veteran who says he’s one of many vets who are now treating the recipe to their PTSD symptoms with CBD oil our Seth Kovar spoke to him and he joins us now live in our studio so Seth they understand this is kind of a thing right now right yeah it really is drew definitely nationwide I read about it on American military news calm first but my work today revealed that it is a trend here and the Coastal Bend as well CBD oil technically comes from the same plant as marijuana only it’s cultivated very differently but it doesn’t have THC the chemical in pot that gets you high a local veteran swears by the stuff and he says he’s certainly not alone I’m very irritated by little things he’s now very concentrated a confrontational you know no more late on the edge classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder that Army veteran art Lopez treats with CBD oil based products it doesn’t get you high you know I just get you some relief from your pain physical pain like his worn-out knees from jumping on and off tanks while invading Iraq doesn’t get you any dizziness and mental pain the anxiety and other negatives of PTSD I really love this stuff like I’ve recommended to other veterans including his battle buddies in the organization he started we work with an organization called the veterans improve joint venture on SPID and Corpus Christi is a big supporter of that group and a big seller of CBD oil owner Ramsey Kadena says lots of veterans come in they say it works wonders for them it does help their anxiety level they’re able to sleep better at night and an overall wellness for them wellness Kadena and Lopez say they recently brought to a local VFW joint venture donating a thousand dollars worth of CBD products to veterans of all wars the older Vietnam veterans they really appreciate it you know and they’re like man about time somebody’s doing something you know and it feels good you know to be able to help people after and that way now there are some concerns out there about CBD oil I was doing some research at tonight’s they were mostly centered on the fact that it’s not government regulated in fact last winter 52 people got sick in Utah from taking what was labeled and sold in stores as CBD oil but it turned out to be some other kind of synthetic substance that led to the Centers for Disease Control calling on states to regulate reporting live in the studio Seth Kovar Action 10 News thank you well still


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