Logitech c920 For Twitch Streaming

Are you interested on streaming on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer and you’re not sure where to start with what camera you need to get going in this video right here we’re taking a look at the Logitech c920 and how it’s the best camera for anybody that’s starting out in their streaming adventure and we’re getting started right now! Hey it’s me it’s Wild coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring the best tips tricks and even product reviews like this Logitech c920 if this is your first time here and you’re learning how to grow and improve your channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and tick that bell see you know when my videos go live for you some of the fastest growing websites out there are streaming websites like Twitch YouTube or Mixer and a lot of people are excited to dive into these platforms to see if streaming is gonna be a right fit for them if you’re a person that’s thinking about getting into streaming or your beginner streamer that wants to bring the quality up within your stream the Logitech c920 is probably one of the best and most affordable improvements that you can make to your stream the Logitech c920 captures in full HD at 1080p it can take photos at 15 megapixels it has the ability to encode in h.264 it comes equipped with Carl Zeus optical lens commonly found in Sony cameras very high quality comes with an astounding 20 step autofocus system and has dual built-in microphones plus dual stereo now those specs are good and all but let’s go over the reasons why I think the Logitech c920 is one of the best and most affordable cameras for beginning streamers out there or people who want to actually bring the quality up for the stream let’s dive into the pros and the cons let’s start off with the most important thing that everybody’s gonna consider for a camera image quality how does the image actually look when it’s being broadcast out to Twitch YouTube or Mixer well like we stated before this camera can capture in 1080p however it does not broadcast in 1080p it will capture at 720p and broadcast out at 720p at 30 frames per second now the quality of it is very good I’ll put up some footage of me really quick painting so that way you can see how crisp and clean and the saturation of the colors and how sharp it actually is and how well it works in low-light situations but for some people that really want to be into high sport action games or games that move a lot quicker or have a lot of moving pixels you might want to consider the Logitech c920 too little bit sharper and it can broadcast at 720 at 60 frames per second overall the Logitech c920 is a warhorse it works exceptionally well in low-light situations white looks white black looks black very easy to adjust any of the saturation colors colors come through looking very true and if you need to make any adjustments with focal or sharpness very easy to do as well one of my favorite things about this camera is how low-profile does it’s actually a very sleek and small design it can fit into a multitude of spots you can hang it just on your monitor if you need to it comes with a threaded bottom which allows you to attach it to like an extender a gooseneck a boom scissor arm if you need it or even on a tripod if you need to but it’s so small that it virtually will be out of the way of the rest of your streaming environment which is a big necessity because as your stream grows and at your channel grows you’re probably gonna get more and more equipment will be taking up a lot more space and a lot of people never really consider how well this thing works for how small that it is like I said before the Logitech c920 is a great camera for one very simple reason that is probably the best reason overall if you’re not technical savvy all you need to do is just basically plug this sucker in and your OBS or xsplit or whatever broadcasting software you’re using will recognize it in an instant and that makes it worth the money I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have contacted me not being able to get any of their equipment that they have bought or purchased off Amazon to work and you do not have to worry with the Logitech c920 it’s very foolproof which is awesome just a quick side note for all of you people out there that decide to stream with two Logitech c920 cameras if you do plan on streaming with two you will run into a problem where your computer will have a hard time recognizing the difference between the two cameras if you’re using broadcasting software which you need to use if you plan on streaming to Twitch YouTube or Mixer now there is a simple solution to this and I made a video about it if you want to check it out I’ll put it up here on the top of the card or I’ll put it in the show notes below us and make sure you check it out because it is an easy fix it’s just a little bit of a hassle but just to let you know if you do plan on using – there might be an issue for you out there we talked about a lot of positives about the Logitech c920 and you know what now it’s time to talk about the negatives there’s not math which is good but there is one big negative that I like to address and it has to do what’s on the side of the lenses the microphones and the sound that comes out of it it’s not great it’s not great at all but that’s not big of a deal because you know why I buy this because it’s a camera it’s supposed to be good at one function and that’s the visuals that come through I don’t buy this because it’s not a boombox you know even though it has speakers they’re not great they don’t put out a lot of sound they’re just okay the microphone yes they’re dual and they will pick up your voice but you will sound like kind of like a far-off distant chipmunk that’s echoing a lot if you really are gonna use this for sound I would really suggest not using it I would suggest using a Yeti microphone perhaps the blue snowball which is very affordable I’ll do a review on that sometime down the road but you know spend the extra couple of bucks and get something like that you’ll be way more happier this is only okay to use for sound if you’re gonna use something like Skype or discord or any kind of like conference call and that’s it do not use this for sound on Twitch YouTube or Mixer you won’t sound good at all and that’s the only true negative that I can find about it now a lot of us that stream or some of you out there that will be streaming we have kinda have unique setups because of the space that we’re a lotted within the area that we stream and so I’m gonna recommend a few accessories for the Logitech c920 and some of these accessories will be universal for a lot of cameras out there so they may be good for you accessory number one is a tripod and this one’s pretty self-explanatory you need somewhere to mount your camera if you can’t put it on the back of your monitor and for somebody like me who likes to separate their monitors out because I like to stream art there’s really no good spot for me to put my camera and if I want to show my art or for a lot of people that want to show music or how they strum a guitar or play drums or anything like that you’re gonna need to put your camera in a unique position and a tripod is probably the best solution for you now make sure you get the right threaded end for a tripod I will put a suggestion in the link below but for something that for your stream you can go kinda cheap don’t go too cheap because it’ll eventually snap on you on the bolts but you know you can get away with a pretty cheap good tripod out there accessory number two if you’re a streamer that likes to move around a lot within your window that you’re going to capture you may have to adjust your camera at times and if you’re putting it on the back of your monitor you don’t get much range of moving the camera around because you’re on a fixed plane of the monitors so I recommend a scissor or boom arm they’re interchangeable names depending on where you buy a matte scissors usually the most common name but this allows you to extend and swivel and move around in many different directions your camera which is great if you need to show things off within your stream or you want to show your streaming area I use one for my own stream for when I capture my face because this way I can move it around or if I need to show anything in particular I highly recommend one just make sure if you look to get one you get the right threaded end because they do take a certain bolt and thread pattern I will put a link in the description below for the one that I got I think I got it for around between 15 and 20 USD it works awesome accessory number three this one’s a little bit more of a rare one I just want to recommend it in case you have a very unique setup and you can’t seem to find a solution it’s called an extender and what this does is you can mount it to your tripod or you can mount it to your scissor boom arm if you need to go a little more height out of your tripod or you need a little more reach out of your scissor or boom arm it just adds a few extra inches they come generally around four to six inches I’ve used them a few times for my artworks where I have to be really really high to aim down so there are a few situations where you might want it again I’ll put a link for all these accessories in the description below so check it out accessory number four of goose neck goose necks come in two different styles usually classified by their base one will be a sandwich clamp and one will be a c-clamp and these can come in a variety of different lakes make sure you pick the one that’s best suited for you but what makes a goose neck so unique is you can put them in hard-to-reach places and extend them and swivel and kind of bend them to the will that you need to accommodate for what you’re trying to capture on your camera you see a lot of people use these for like knitting streams or art streams or even you’ll see people put them on stands and clamp and bend them over for people that are playing guitar or playing you know drums they’re very useful in a lot of variety of different situations just make sure you pick the clamp that you need that’s best suited for you accessory number five if you plan on streaming a unique setup you’re probably not going to have your camera too close to your Tower and if you don’t the c920 only comes with about six feet of cable not too long when you try to hide the cable and make sure it lays flat on the ground so you don’t trip on it so I recommend picking up a USB extended cable you can get away with probably around six to twelve feet depending on what kind of setup you have I recommend highly buying the amazon basics one they work great I’ve got a couple myself I’ll put a link in the description below so check that out but if you’re not gonna be close to your tower at all be safe don’t have it extending over too far because you don’t want to accidentally trip and break your camera or worse hurt yourself and there you go that’s all you need to know about streaming with the logitech c920 it is one of the best cameras to get you started out there it works exceptionally well and you know what the best thing about this that I didn’t get a chance to talk about yet is the price point you can buy this all the time on sale on Amazon but basic sale price that you can find almost day-to-day is somewhere between 50 and 65 USD again I’ll put a link in the description below and for an extra bro tip out there I always tweet when I find this on sale on Amazon or other stores so if you haven’t had a chance make sure you follow me on Twitter hopefully I got you really excited about owning a Logitech c920 I do consider it one of the best jump in price points for a beginning streamer out there and if you’re looking to upgrade your game like I said before you might want to consider this but if you’re thinking about even upgrading to something a little bit better than this take a look at the Logitech c922 to get you a little bit sharper of an image and it can shoot at 60 frames per second if that’s important to you question of the day what do you think is a good camera that has an affordable price and good image quality leave a comment below so that way you can help out all the other streamers out there plus I’m curious to know so that way I can help people out as well hey if you guys like these videos and you want me to do more make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what products you’d like me to review I got tons more and I’d love to help you guys all out and if you want to help support me on this channel make sure to follow it plus you can always help me on my social media by following me on Twitter and Instagram and if you want to see me paint and you can see how the quality of a logitech c920 looks make sure to follow me on Twitch at twitch.tv/wild4games I’m painting there all the time and if you want to go above and beyond make sure to follow me on my patreon and thank you guys all out there that have already donated and supported on patreon already I will see you guys all in the next stream support playlist video coming up real soon have a good one peace


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