Pauline Hanson supports medical Cannabis made available to sick and suffering patients in Australia

Welcome back. Forget lawn bowls or crochet, not that there’s anything wrong with that. These Grandmothers are spending their golden years teaching other pensioners how to grow and cook with marijuana. So Deb’s doing a demonstration on the magical butter machine. My health dramatically improved when I added cannabis and hemp to my diet as food. Cannabis in the kitchen. It’s just a case of grabbing the leaf, grabbing the bud, grabbing everything and throwing it in a slow cooker.There’s two tablespoons of hemp seeds, three quarters of a cup of water in your blender and blast it. Cooking up what a group of Grandmothers say is a wonder drug. Cannabis does for us what spinach does for Popeye. Things tend to be fads. And many fads have some truth in them. Its affects on children with epilepsy are well known, but legislating for this controversial drug is a legal grey area and medical mine field. We can come in and show you. You’re welcome to see it. We’re doing herbal extraction. And you can get a dose that can cause you paranoia. Should the flood gates open to allow dope to become part of our diet? You all deserve a right to grow it in your backyard. There’s a difference between what we grow and what marijuana growers grow. You’re not going to die if you don’t have a bong or a joint.My daughter will die without this medicine. It doesn’t seem legal, but for decades Aussie farmers have been allowed to grow cannabis crops like this for industrial purposes. There are no psycho-active elements in these plants so they can’t be used recreationally. But under new laws cannabis can be consumed as food and if advocates had their way, farms like this would become big business. It’s a food. It’s an essential food. In community halls across the country, a group of Grandmothers is spruiking the health benefits of cannabis. They call themselves the ‘Canna Nannas’ and part of their controversial mission is to teach seniors how to grow cannabis and cook with it. With information pamphlets, merchandise, cooking utensils and gardening tools, the Grannies are set to go. I’ll talk about cannabis medicine and how it actually works and then Karen will do you know like a hemp food talk and smoothies. What the Canna Nanna’s are doing in these work shops is legal. The products they’re using in the demonstrations aren’t the real thing. They’re not cooking or gardening with actual cannabis, but regular herbs. Do you think it’s a good idea to be encouraging old people, old members of the community to be using drugs, illegal drugs? I don’t see cannabis a drug, I see it as a food.People follow your advice and go ahead and start, you know, making their own cannabis oil. Oh they take, they run the risk of being arrested, the same as I do. Sure enough Police turn up the day that A Current Affair is attending one of their work shops. On this occasion the Police left without incident, but Deb admits she is currently fighting drug charges from a seperate occasion when Police found her growing cannabis in her home. Some of those cannabis products will be shown not to work very well or will have bad side effects. Dr Jim Finn is the Vice President of the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland division. He acknowledges the evidence that cannabis can treat some illnesses, but says people should not be self medicating or using the drug recreationally. So it’s very difficult to make sure that people are consuming a product that um isn’t going to have adverse affects.Let’s not forget, it’s an illegal product to do that. Canna Nanna’s aren’t the only Grandmothers convinced cannabis works wonders. Minnie Nelson never thought she’d be growing marijuana in her own backyard, but after seeing the affect cannabis oil had on her 10 year old great grand daughter Kaitlyn, who suffers from severe epilepsy and other major disabilities, Minnie was sold. After 3 weeks, when I seen what it was doing for my great grand child, I was all for it. I couldn’t believe it. Kaitlyn’s mother Katrina has been campaigning for more open medical cannabis laws ever since she started treating her daughter 3 years ago. She says cannabis oil which she makes herself has dramatically reduced the frequency of Kaitlyn’s sickness and has been her only means of true pain relief. My biggest regret is not starting my daughter on cannabis sooner. And I think it’s great what it’s given Kaitlyn a better quality of life. In November last year (2017), the Australian Food Standards Code was amended to allow the sale of cannabis hemp seed for consumption purposes. Hemp has long been grown as a source of fibre for clothing and building products. But now food made with Australian produce will be available at the supermarket.Phil Warner from Eco Fibre has been growing non-psycho active hemp in Australia since the dawn of the industry. While he doesn’t believe cannabis should be grown in back yards, Phil says cannabis medicine and food products should be more freely available. What you can get from the cannabis plant, the industrial cannabis plant is in a similar way what you would get from an orange or garlic or something like that. It boosts your system. If it is approved as a medicine, that’s as a medicine to treat an ailment, but it’s certainly not an essential food group. It’s interesting. You should always seek advice from a doctor or qualified medical professional before beginning any new treatment. And you’ll find more on that story on our home page. .


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