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Hey everybody! Welcome to iPot review. Where we review pot for you. Today we’re excited to bring you a product by a company called Redecan called White Shark. All products reviewed on our channel will be purchase through the Ontario cannabis store when we plan on reviewing both accessories as well as dried marijuana so if you’re interested you should totally subscribe! The company Redecan; I wanted to pull that up. So these folks have a nice looking website where they show you some really nice facility shots; some pictures of their facility. Take a look at that all these little babies..So they’re in the Niagara Escarpment and they use very green growing practices so all plants they say are fed with clean fresh water from a deep well, no pesticides are used all.. controls are managed through biological controls such as insects, like ladybugs and other specific biologicals and they’re very careful about introducing bacterias, and of course they test their strains for pesticides and residues and other heavy metals I thought that was really interesting. They have some really green growing practices in either case. Redecan has six products on the OCS website right now Shishkaberry, God Bud, White Shark, Cold Creek Kush, CBD Shark Shock and White Widow.We started with White Shark this is a sativa dominant plant so that was something that was interesting and I wanted to try that. The THC levels are also quite high or can be… it’s a range. You can get anywhere between 14 to 23 percent when it shows up at your door, so this is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that makes you high so the higher percentage the better it is we ended up getting something at 18.9%. I can show you a pic of that right now. Our CBD content was 0.7 but it can it can be anywhere between zero and 1%. CBD has no real psychoactive element but it does counteract some of the negative elements of THC like anxiety and that sort of thing. The fact that it’s a sativa dominant – the reason I thought that was interesting, is because typically what people are used to is getting hybrids or indica because this is easy to grow indoors. It’ll grow low to the ground but it does actually have a bit of a couch-lock, that comes with it.Whereas, (so you’ll want to watch TV and that sort of thing) whereas, a sativa will be the type of thing that you’ll smoke if you’re a creative type or even if you, if you want to get up and do things. If you want to clean you want to do laundry you want to get things done at home sativa is the way to go you want to go play hacky sack you want to go surf you want to do whatever it is that’s the thing that you want also the terpene profile on this was interesting the mercy that they mentioned is a product that’s why I only found in bay leaves cannabis ylang ylang wild thyme parsley and hops they also mentioned an alpha and trans Carrio Filene this is the type of oil that will be found in cannabis sativa but also rosemary and hops there’s an alpha Pi neem this will give it a bit of a pine smell but it also has a slightly fruity element to it and lemony which again gives it an even more of a fragrance or orange and fruitiness so they mentioned this within the description on the OCS website so they say it has a deep earthy musky flavor and a hint of fruit the muskiness comes from the myrrh scene and the fruitiness comes from the alpha pining and lemony so now we’re just going to take a second word what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna move on to a quick video where I scaled it up we bought seven so I want to see if it would weigh up to seven I know a lot of people are interested in that and then we’re gonna move on to an opinion if you want my opinion you hold on that’s coming right after that so we’ve got we’ve got my scale here turn this on hopefully you can see that this is gonna be a tear I’m gonna tear this up and I’m just going to show you oh you got it at zero we get here okay so let’s take a look yeah we got 7.1 it’s pretty decent hey everybody thanks for hanging in there so that was the technical part of this video now for my opinion you want my opinion well anyways I’m gonna give it to you and what we’re smoking today is a white shark by Redick am so this marijuana purchased through the OCS website is a sativa so this is the type of high that you do when you’re trying to be creative like recording a video for example so this has been a great experience for me I love this stuff I do like the buzz that it gives you more than anything else it’s also a really beautiful looking but I’m gonna show you some pictures right now and and I have been showing you pictures throughout this review sporadically just pop it up but it is a beautiful looking but there’s small little buds and I think I tried to show you that just a minute ago right before I showed the way out I kind of sprinkle it on the table you can see that it’s made up of a lot of small little buds this will vary depending on actually where they crop the plant when they put it into the jar I mean bit that on the topper on the upper end you’ll have bigger buds lower you’ll have smaller buds like what I ended up having regardless in 18.9% the THC is really high so I spoke this with a bit of a focus group I had some people give me their opinion on all sorts of stuff like flavor smell a lot of people agreed that it smelled sweet it has a sweet smell to it especially when you compared with other with other weeds you really smell the sweetness of it the this is due to the the terpene profile right but all the things it’s really it’s just it’s just really Pleasant it’s a really nice smelling weed nice alright so there were some comments from some people that said that it they didn’t like the taste I can see that based on the terpene profile what it looks like to me is that a lot of the the oils are found in spices that you would find in spaghetti like parsley and rosemary and then you add the the the citrusy lemony orange e the oil that you find in at an orange peel is not tasty it’s not a nice thing so that the the flavor profile in terms of a taste is not something that’s Pleasant what is Pleasant is the the smell the smell that you get from it is really nice and it maybe in terms of taste maybe it’s an acquired taste I don’t know so I tried this this morning you might woke up this morning and I smoked a half a gram joint right before going out the so I smoked this at around 11 o’clock right before I had a friend pick me up to go to the mall and so this was a totally clear cleaning buzz and it was awesome we got some tech stuff and we did all sorts of things and the whole time we had great vibes so this is a really nice buzz to have throughout the day if you’re gonna be doing laundry if you’re gonna be doing stuff around the house grocery shopping I don’t know that sort of thing so this is really a nice little bus to hop and also the buzz lasted all all afternoon so without a doubt I do rate this a bi it’s totally worth buying check it out ridic cans white shark if you can see that rate of cans white shark totally worth it check it out so that’s it for this review I thank you for watching right to the end thank you and if you liked this video so make sure to subscribe and like and hit the bell just so you can know and get notified if ever I come up with another video videos are coming in every week thanks for joining me see you next time


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