(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* So the guys over at ( asked me if I wanted to try some of their incredibly strong 2000mg …



  1. dedri says

    you look like a hobo

  2. Mic B says

    I knew Shaggy was real!!

  3. Donald newman says

    Lol 420k subs

  4. Rory Orwoll says

    How is this video still up? How are you ok with promoting a cbd product that has dangerous research chems in it? If you have any conscience at all you'll take this down

  5. AyyJ says

    didnt you just make a video like a week ago talking about how chill cbd products have street drugs in them…

  6. name the 1st says

    free lsd

  7. Drivel Mussaw says

    Cruch's Cousin?

  8. kalvin montiel says

    Am sorry I don't know anything about CBD dose it get you high or just some light headed type stuff

  9. Fizzle4Shizzay says

    Can you source your statement where anything over 250mg CBD a day will be flushed out of your body?

  10. Raymond Juarez RAYRAE says

    Wellp,, You've got yrself a new Subscriber.

  11. Daddy Long leg says

    I know this sounds dumb , but do you get high off of this

  12. Dan Cen says

    Anyone know where you can can CBD Ejuice in Canada?

  13. Tanner White says

    yes yes the shirt!!!

  14. Dead Gallowton says

    The LA BEAST robot dance powns… Have a good day! 😀

  15. Grognag Stone Fist says

    Feel like an idiot when he says "vape juice" idk if it's vape juice like a vape pen or like a vaporizer

  16. Notorious Hemp says

    Hahaha great video!!

  17. ethan singer says

    Im sry but the hemp derived cbd is way to expensive. the thousand milagram tincture is 150$ while a gram(1000 miligrams) of canabis derived cbd is like 40 or so dollars

  18. Somewhere between 10 and 45 says

    This guy actually looks pretty rough.he must really smoke a lot

  19. SINCLR NewZealand says


  20. Bob dong says

    No hate, but that youtube tattoo is Baaad…

  21. Melissa Coleman says

    Josh I love the shirt!!!

  22. Rene Padilla says

    how many cbd?? words he made

  23. Carol Rizzo says

    were can I get the cbd oil in a none legal state. u said it's legal in all stats

  24. Cade Hopson says

    Your videos just make me in a good mood dude. Please don't stop making amazing content

  25. jordan mathews says

    I suffer from a severe aniexty disorder but live in an illegal state am I still able to order cbd and would it be helpful for my issues

  26. $kunk says

    Mix sprite and the tincture

  27. GizmoLoL says

    Ya circles! 10:40

  28. Paris D Black says

    Love the T-shirt where can I get one? I just started vaping 550mg CBD Genesis for the inflammation in my joints caused by Lupus.

  29. Isaac Caceres says

    If it don't get me high, I ain't smoking it.

  30. bethany dawson Gh says

    Love you josh

  31. Jay S says

    Super super super very very very 🙂

  32. Mālie Ponoʻī says

    Mahalo and Aloha from Hawai'i

  33. BEElaine says

    Love, Love, LOVE that shirt!!

  34. TimmyNitro says

    I find that tinctures are not very pleasant tasting in general. I've never tasted or seen a "good" tasting one.

  35. Ruff Samurai says

    aw hell yeah shout out to La Croix!

  36. Erik R says

    I think in going to check this out. I've always wondered about CBD. Great video, Josh.

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