What is CBD?

http://www.weedmaps.com Take a closer look at the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant.



  1. Bankai Summoner says

    whats up with the music in the background

  2. Isaiah says

    Bio-Chemistry Lesson??

  3. HIGH.WATERS _Co says

    we got CBD bath booms for sale!!!!

  4. kelly christians says

    Does CBD come in a vape form?

  5. Frank Hahn says

    my favourite is: Hanf Buds on amazon: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B06XHMB8WD

  6. Thunderbolt Studios says


  7. Carlo Salas says

    It works on animals too! I just recently started giving it to my dog who was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer because we didn't want to give him chemotherapy, and so far it has made him feel a lot better and made him active again. It also helps him eat because before he would go almost a whole day without eating and now he licks the whole bowl clean! Highly recommend it for anyone who has a pet with these issues.

  8. junktube4000 says

    anyone know of any cbd products that are derived from cannibis and not hemp? I live in Canada.

  9. Dan Balling says


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  11. Etxempire g says

    if barbra streusand was hot …

  12. Jonathan Carfield says

    Are major research now getting involved in the research and development of CBD dietary supplements?


  13. entertainer Sengar says


  14. Matt Birkett says

    loving these pro shots of that sticky icky

  15. Katie McQueen says

    is there any possible side effects when using cbd oils? paranoia? rapid heart rate? anything?

  16. utube says

    I have a new CBD vape video up 2017

  17. fendertc90 says

    Join the fastest growing and most educated CBD group on facebook here:


  18. Oscar Lopez says

    Is it good for Arthritis?

  19. OctopusVolcano says

    Great information. However, Half the fucking video is spinning close ups of bud. Come on

  20. Martin Lopez says

    Oh, this is for intellectuals…

  21. Michelle Proctor says

    What & how much should I take for CML & rectal cancer stage 3 . I won't do cut posing burn ! I'm also doing Gerson therapy .thank you !

  22. tae smellsbad says

    NWO: legalize weed and dumb down the masses

  23. Carolina Hemp Company says

    Great information! We did a similar video as part of our All About Hemp series "What is CBD? In 60 Seconds". If you get a chance give it a watch on our channel. Just happily subscribed to Weedmaps! Keep fighting the good fiight!

  24. FLEX FITNESS says

    I recently got some to vape and another one of the Charlotte's web disposable pens but not a fan of the pen it doesn't allow much flow. would it be safe to get the oil out of the pen and just mix in with my other cbd oil to vape from my actual vape pen?

  25. jManraM says

    I'm reaching out for help from people who experienced something similar to what I'm going through. Long story short: I had a horrifying bad trip with a small thc Kiva mint chocolate bar about the size of half my pinky. I had a panic attack and went to the hospital. I was released and it wasn't until 6 days later when I felt an anxiety attack building up because I was feeling constant paranoia and anxiety with fear. I was freaking out. I've been coping with this constant feeling of me feeling like I'm losing my mind for about 1 week now. Has anyone here ever experienced this before? Did you overcome this horrible living nightmare? Please. Thank you for reading and replying.

  26. Smokey0791 says

    Maybe someone can explain to me why the CBD oil I got at a dispensary says to start off with a small grain of rice and work your tolerance up slowly and safely ?  Why would that need to take place if CBD doesn't get you high ?

  27. Frankie Arnold says

    I'm using very low THC (0.6%) and high CBD (14.5%) bid every night, just a bowl worth, or about 1/10th of a gram, and it seems to really help with my withdrawal from high THC. Does this seem like a possibility that the high CBD is reducing my irritability and anxiety? It's helping with everything expect my sleep. I've heard that CBD can actually make you more alert and isn't affective for sleep disorders?

  28. Veen says

  29. Charles Michael says

    What are the CBD levels, measured in mg, that induce a FULL night's sleep? I have tried 10mg CBD in transdermal gel which is a pretty expensive dose and its pretty pathetic in its sleep aid effects.

  30. Aggy Boi says

    WatchMojo will see WeepmapTV'S logo and be like hey u copied me

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