Ledy 1M 5050 Waterproof LED Strip Plant Flower Growing Grow Light Red Blue 4:1 DC 12V

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[ad_1] Specification:
Size: 100cm(Length) x 1cm(Width)
Emitting Color:red+blue
Protection Rate IP65 Waterproof (can not put it into water)
Working Voltage: 12V DC
Wattage: 10W
LED quantity: 60 pcs LED, Red:24 pcs, Blue:6 pcs Red:blue = 4:1
Wavelength:Red :
With double side adhesive
Package included:
1pcs x one meter long LED strip light
1pcs x DC12V 2A power adapter,Input 110V~240V
4pcs x Strip Light Ties
Here is how specific wavelength works:
Blue (wavelength: 440nm~460nm): Helps plants grow
Red (wavelength: 630nm~660nm): Helps plants
grow and flower: red LED is the key for flowering plants
Infrared (wavelength: 730nm): IR can help plants grow, but can be harmful to people, so I suggest that you not use IR in your grow lights. Ultraviolet (wavelength: 380-410nm): UV can help plants grow and will also kill insects, but it too can be is harmful to people, so we do not use it in our led grow lights. So we kindly suggest you use Blue and Red LEDs for your plants.Packing Including:1 Meter Long Soft Led Grow Light Strip+ Input 100-240V Output DC12V 2A Power Adapter + 4pcs 4pcs Strip Light Ties
Red:Blue=4:1,LED Quantity: 60 LED, Red:24 pcs, Blue:6pcs
Plant growing LED strip light can rapidly improve the health of plant and growing
With Double Side Adhesive On The Back Of The Strip ,Easy To Use And There Are 4 Strip Light Ties Including ,Each Tie 20cm Long , Easy To Fix The Soft Strip Light To A Bar
More Effective To Seedlings And Succulents


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