Pipe Cleaner – Bong Cleaner – 100% Reusable – OG OFF-GLASS Pyrex & Glass Cleaner – Keep Your Smoking Accessories Sparkling Clean – 16 Oz

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[ad_1] Off Glass is a 100% reusable Pyrex & glass cleaner. Get sparkling clean results with no mess. Simply place items into a container and fill with Off Glass. Allow to soak until sparkling clean. Rinse thoroughly with warm water until squeaky clean. Save & Reuse.Save Money! 100% Reusable Formula Stays Effective Indefinitely
Save Time! Simply Soak, Rinse and Enjoy!
Powerful, No Hassle Cleaner
No Shaking, No Abrasives, No Mess
Easily Clean Glass Pipes, Down-stems, Steam Rollers, Bowls, Chillums, Glass Slides, Glass Spoons, Glass Bats, Glass Cigars, Glass Cigarillos & Glass Blunts


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