Extract Wellness president and CEO explains effects of hemp, CBD products

Late last year foreign policy legislation was signed into law with strong bipartisan support yeah and it focuses on a wide range of areas including farming nutrition conservation trade energy and forestry that legislation also made him legal and Jeff Ryan joins us now he is the CEO of extract wellness also an expert in the hemp industry and you brought along lots of products for us to talk about and there’s a lot of buzz around CBD so explain that for us what is it who can use it what does it help with okay so when you squeeze the oils out of hemp basically 5060 percent of what you get is CBD there are a lot of other elements that are being studied by lots of universities and things like that and they do a variety of things but basically what hemp that Strack does is it reduces inflammation in the body and everything is tied to inflammation you know so you can start from the head and go down to the toe headaches are often inflammation driven anxiety also is helped by hemp extract in a different sort of way not inflammation but arthritis and pain are two very big things that that and then all the bowel things like colitis and you know a irritable bow and things like that and so a lot of people are like okay what’s the difference between this and marijuana now this cannot get you high well sometimes people are confused about that yeah and so there’s a variety of differences but basically you hear the word cannabis all right out of cannabis variety there is marijuana and there’s help okay okay marijuana is higher in something called THC and a little lower and something called CBD which you were talking about it while help is the opposite hemp is very high in CBD very low in THC and the THC levels are so low you can’t get high and so we have gummies here obviously that that’s self-explanatory when it comes to you know can consumption but you also have some Oh actually oils yeah let’s we gotta go back stand by we’re gonna get back to Jeff all right so we were talking about consumption yeah obviously the gummies you eat those tell us about how you would mix in this oil yeah so the oils are taken you know the mouths Israel there’s several different varieties there’s there’s different strengths basically a 250 milligram a 500 milligram but we also have this this clinical strength formula as well so if you have a more serious condition all the way up to cancers a lot of cancer people take this so you don’t mix it with anything you kind of just don’t you just you drop it in your mouth and hold it in for a second and swallow it and then we have topical so yes that we’re smelling over here they smell good yeah yeah and so this would be to the point if you have arthritis in your hands or pain or anything like that elbows knees you can put this on and it’s a you know it’s nice it’s a moisturizer what would you advise to you know talk to your doctor first before trying this because there might be you know some interactions with other things or possibly problems with drug tests or anything like that so there’s very few interactions but you might get online and read about it and definitely consult your doctor your doctor is going to work with you on on helping you with the dosage you should take or anything like that you can also read it on our website extract wellness calm you can see what kind of dosage is best for different you know moderate or serious or minor conditions can any of it affect the drug test I know you said low on THC yeah we’ve not we’ve not seen or heard of anybody taking a regular dose that has affected a drug test but but we also have everything in THC free versions as well so we have a full spectrum which has a little bit of THC in it and a lot of doctors say that that that that all has to work together but we also have a full THC free version fly airplanes or CDL truck drivers or something like that you may want to go that direction someone recommended me giving that to my cat when he had cancer is that good for pets as well very good for okay a lot of uh you know you can’t really tell the pain that your pets going through but what you’ll see is you give this to your pet and they start bouncing around again and you know that it’s really helping them and one more quick thing what can we expect to see in the next couple of years because right now it’s you’re not going to see it at Publix or around the around sound what can we expect to see do you think yeah I think you’re gonna see it in you’re gonna see it coming out in pharmacy a lot of you know apothecary type of pharmacies first you can get a lot of advice through that but but it’s gonna grow this is driven by the public alright so many products are driven by advertising and things like that when you go to church for example and you hear people talking about how this helped them and it spreads through that you know you know something’s happening okay yeah thank you so much thanks so much for her she ate it we have much more information on click Orlando comm and we’ll be back with more news and weather after this


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