Extract Wellness president and CEO explains effects of hemp, CBD products

Late last year foreign policy legislation was signed into law with strong bipartisan support yeah and it focuses on a wide range of areas including farming nutrition conservation trade energy and forestry that legislation also made him legal and Jeff Ryan joins us now he is the CEO of extract wellness also an expert in the hemp industry and you brought along lots of products for us to talk about and there’s a lot of buzz around CBD so explain that for us what is it who can use it what does it help with okay so when you squeeze the oils out of hemp basically 5060 percent of what you get is CBD there are a lot of other elements that are being studied by lots of universities and things like that and they do a variety of things but basically what hemp that Strack does is it reduces inflammation in the body and everything is tied to inflammation you know so you can start from the head and go down to the toe headaches are often inflammation driven anxiety also is helped by hemp extract in a different sort of way not inflammation but arthritis and pain are two very big things that that and then all the bowel things like colitis and you know a irritable bow and things like that and so a lot of people are like okay what’s the difference between this and marijuana now this cannot get you high well sometimes people are confused about that yeah and so there’s a variety of differences but basically you hear the word cannabis all right out of cannabis variety there is marijuana and there’s help okay okay marijuana is higher in something called THC and a little lower and something called CBD which you were talking about it while help is the opposite hemp is very high in CBD very low in THC and the THC levels are so low you can’t get high and so we have gummies here obviously that that’s self-explanatory when it comes to you know can consumption but you also have some Oh actually oils yeah let’s we got to go back stand by we’re going to get back to


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