KLOUDIC Portable Space Heater, Electric Heater Overheat Protection, 450W/950W Fan Heater

Hello everyone welcome to the life of Scott Weinger and reviews R Us so today we have a really really cool product that we are about to show you guys so stay tuned and get ready drop it so today we’re reviewing a fool out 100% authentic honest review of this space here this is an electric heater quick heat wide-angle leaning down off no naked fire temp fuse overheat protection flame resistant heater if you guys want this heater for a good price check out the link in my description because you guys can get this bad boy and I’m gonna test this out and we’re going to show you if it’s really worth buying you can use it a classroom an office living room bedroom hotel in your dorm room you can use this anywhere and everywhere here it shows the whole setup maximum power of nine hundred and fifty watts that’s less power then your electric guzzler heater so this will also save you guys money okay enough chitchat let’s get right into what’s actually in the box here we got them user manual it’s very lightweight it’s portable and is extremely nice and it swings so it rotates so you could throw the heat from side to side instead of your electric heater that just blows straight in front of you guys this thing is really really cool okay the buttons are going off right up here you got mode right here and you got swing right here you have a safety feature right here that when this is laying flat the button is pressed in if your heater happens to get tipped over just a little bit that much the heater will turn off so if you have a pet or you know if you’re walking or something and that much lean it turns off extremely good safety feature that you don’t want to heat or without what a tip off trust me guys it’s not worth it on the back here we have the power switch we’ve got a filter in here that’s simply just like this able to clean it off just like that extremely easy to use again guys if you need if you want this product link will be in my description so let’s show you guys up close a little bit here just a simple nice design I am very impressed with this but enough on that let’s go turn it on and see how it looks and sounds so guys I want to point out that the cord is very long so that is very very nice okay so we got it plugged in we’re about to turn them on okay guys so it’s very simple the heater is turned on by these buttons here we got one off we got mode and we got swing swing makes this little guy turn left and right mode changes you know from cool to medium to high power and of course on an off switch one thing I want to point out about this the first setting will be blue there’s an LED light that shows you down here blue means it uses five watts and it’s just cool it’s cool air that blows out second setting is like a lighter it’s almost like a maroon color red and that’s like a lower light which I’ll show you guys and demonstrate that is the low setting and that’s 450 watts the high setting which is a brighter red is 950 watts so I’m going to turn this on just by just like that we’re gonna go to the cool mode so you kind of see it we’ll turn off the light so you guys can see better but I want to show you the swing so we tap it and this is what it does under swing mode so not only is this thing better than your regular space heater with as far as electric goes and using electricity but this thing actually turns so you’re spreading the heat or the air in a much bigger area than just a regular space heater that blows straight okay and awesome thing about it this is actually a good price you got to check out my link in my description to see this thing so we’ll wait until it’s even and turn the swing off just like that by tapping now I’m going to turn off the lights so you guys can actually see the LED indicator a lot better so there you see the blow now we’re gonna press mode so there we got the blue that blows cool there we got a higher power that blows hot air at nine hundred and fifty watts and then we have the last setting which is low I want to point something out to you guys that this thing is hot even on low setting this thing blows hot air for example let’s stop it from swinging under low setting if I put my hand here about five seconds with your hand right against it my hands burning I got to move my hand that is how warm this thing is you don’t want to set anything in front of it and of course under the high setting it’s just this hot – why I like that is because this thing can heat a room very quickly and I love that not only are you using less watts your average space heater on high uses 1500 watts this uses 950 so 1500 versus 950 yes you’re going to save electric but not only that your regular space here let me turn on the lights and show you a space heater that I’ve used for many many years now because I’ve liked it but now this space heater you know I’m extremely impressed with and I’m gonna now convert over so here we have two space heaters most space heaters only blow straight they don’t pivot like this one so what are the perks of having this one versus this well this one cost me more this is cheaper this one blows hotter air than this even on high setting this one on low setting blows hotter air than this one on low setting yet again this one’s cheaper this one’s smaller this one rotates this one is the king that one is no more we are not going to be using bees anymore and as I said before the safety feature in this it’s off just like that by tilting tilting that much it’s off and when it tilts it stays off that means when you if it say something leans up against it and or for some reason and you put it down it’s off it kills the power that is so nice then you got to reset it but just like that but it is so nice it’s extremely good safety feature extremely good heater I recommend this to everybody i I can’t express this enough how nice this is so guys you got to go check out my link in my description on this this is an honest review I think this thing is an amazing product I think the company that made it is headed down the right path I think they could do a lot of cool things with this product and other products alike so maybe they’ll give me the opportunity to review some more of their products for you guys but overall I’m very impressed with this great job to the company great job for everything on this I hope you guys like this review if you like this review let me know hit that like button share this with your friends again check out the price just check it out in my video description you guys can’t go wrong and I think once you check the price out and look at the specs and stuff you guys are going to be just as happy ok guys thank you for watching my video I am reviews are us and the life of Scott Weinger so take care and have a amazing day


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