Triple Sensor GW-9400 series Rangeman G-Shock watch review | UPs & DOWNs

Hello everyone this is GHF and today I’d like to talk about this GW-9400 series Rangeman g-shock watch I already disassembled this exact watch if you guys missed that video go have a look. In this video I’m just gonna quickly run through about this specific watch because I haven’t did it yet, I already reviewed every single rangeman G Shock once it was released before, I mean I already owns everything one of them but I haven’t made a review for the grey version because I owned the watch before I created this channel at the first place and this one is also one of them despite being the first-ever Rangeman on the market, I’ve yet to review it on the channel so this is it, just to make sure I have it on the channel.If you are curious this is it olive green with yellow accents and this watch was released in the year 2013 if you are new to g-shock keep that in mind and the retail price is extremely expensive but you can get this today are roughly around 200 bucks probably lesser than that depending on the condition in this case, used conditions so I get it still roughly close to 200 bucks so that is one point I’d like to mention right now the after sell value for this 9400 Rangeman is incredibly strong it is incredibly popular to the fact that even if you beat up your Rangeman you could still sell it back and gain a huge portion of your money back so that’s how popular this watch is In this specific Holloway again band and bezel came in all three with black lettering and yellow accents on the watch bezel and you’ll also see the display panel will also came in gold accents as well and for this series the metal parts will came in silver full silver by the way four pins on the bezel four buttons on the side and one button for the sensor access which the checkered pattern all of which will came in silver stainless steel similar with the watch band keeper with g-shock and buckle with Casio Thailand at the bottom of it Signed like that so those are all the metal parts you could see this minute ring in here will feature silver as well with yellow accents and one bad thing now about this Rangeman, I believe most digital solar model is the fact that you’re gonna get this cloudy look at that if you look at a brand new watch it will, it should look like this so that’s the thing about having a screw down case back you’re not gonna end up looking like thi,s this is because of fog or water vapor could seep into the watch which they will then precipitate at the display glass and then since this watch feature a solar panel; the solar panel is actually built in between the display panel and the glass the mineral glass the water vapor could actually get in between the solar panel and the glass and thus create this effect you cannot clean these at all you could clean the solar panel for the back but the water vapor is actually at the front you need to clean it by removing the entire glass which is extremely risky so that is the only downside about this Rangeman and there’s also applies to other solar do so G Shock watch and that is also why analog model is much better because you’re not gonna have this foggy issue at all but it is fixable not a huge like big deal at all you could solve this issue but it is something that I need to point out. I planned this to be my last rangeman to review on the channel but Casio seems to just release the Hong Kong fire rescue team collaboration a couple weeks ago so seems like I have to get that watch if I could afford that apparently it is quite expensive as I already mentioned it’s extremely popular to the point if it is a limited edition, the Rangeman is going to be extremely expensive and hard to get and seems like Casio will also release another range man coming in the middle of this 2019 from the icerc collaboration which will feature the parrot theme which will have some sort of green colorway as well so I’m looking forward to that definitely will buy it for review on the channel so for now let’s go back to this basic one other than that you’ll see that this one came in negative display which is not the best especially when it has fog like that you’re barely able to use this much at all but if you could fix that then no problem you could use some hydro technique and then fix it I haven’t tried it one yet but I probably do in the future.For now the watch button around is the only thing that came in black IP plated the hardcase came in black and one of the good thing that I want to point out about the range man is the construction of the watch band and bezel is actually made to build a little bit bigger to a point that it guard the back plate, unlike most master of G you guys could see over here the frogman has a back plate but it is popping up outwards this gulfman has a back plate that is popping up outwards a little bit just slightly higher than the bezel and most g-shock have it actually. For the rangeman it is just flattened out so that will give you guys a little bit of comfort when you rarely throw up today and also the watch band and bezel is actually protecting the back plate on each corner so that’s pretty cool, even though it have twenty bar water resistant but it is still well guarded, so pretty nice as well so if you look at the back plate one of the big feature of a Rangeman is it has this super beautiful hair line circular finishing effect on it so this is some of the things that you need to take note or point out if you’re trying to differentiate between a fake or a genuine Rangeman.There’s always about the details the fakes just cannot copy this type of detailing, it’s just too expensive, look at that, very very gorgeous with cat design over there which I did use in my merchandise design so let me quickly show you guys my new Rangeman merchandise design where I basically use this profile and at some bars over there to represent the barometer tendency graph which is could be available over there or the altimeter graph as well which will be placed at the bottom and I used cat with slight modification I made it mechanical so not to copy Casio design actually so you got the idea buy the merch to support channel other than that let’s go back to this Rangeman watch basically it has triple sensor which is great feature really practical, really useful watch, really tough, really rugged looking still relevant but the LED light is one of a big problem about the watch, this one was released in 2013 even though this is one of the first master of G that feature LED light but if you compare this watch to today’s standard like the LED light it’s not a big deal anymore right this one glows at the same position as the one on the Rangeman but it’s still brighter most models today will feature dual LED so kind of outdated in that manner but still still a great watch still easily you still tough-looking still incredible still popular so I’m very sure you guys already know on how to operate the watch basically you have your quick access to stopwatch which is incredibly useful and you’ll have your quick access to home timekeeping and again by pressing the mode button and obviously you have all of your detail as far as the graph on top the tendency graph all the way to 48 or was it 42 hours incredibly useful as well and you’ll have your world time to 48 cities, stopwatch, and you’ll have a countdown timer, five alarm including snooze, and sunrise and sunset mode, recall mode and radio control mode, back to home time keeping very very nicely done which all of this function could be found on this gulfmaster watch everything that this guy has, could be found over here except the quick access to stopwatch and the snooze function that’s why I love this gulfmaster a lot because it has everything plus more such as a tide graph and moon phase which the range man didn’t have.Let me wear watch and quickly show to you guys how it should look like on my skinny wrist, it is incredible I believe I already showed you guys that the fact you could customize the watch band and bezel to a different one and you could find the ‘jelly’ version out there already due to how popular this thing is if you’re concern about getting fakes or genuine make sure you know what you are buying you know because there are a lot of fakes Rangeman out there, this is popular if you have a skinny wrist, don’t worry you;ll still gonna have a great fit when you’re wearing something like this.Anyway that’s just sums it all up for the rangeman I’m looking forward to get other Rangeman that I haven’t review yet for now that’s some it all, thank you very much for watching guys, thank you very much for your support. This is GHF and I’m…. out .


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