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Hi I’m Paris and welcome to another fan pick Friday the product I’m reviewing today was chosen by viewers last Friday and it’s sort of topical it’s emergency food rations now this is really a topic I knew nothing about I’ve picked up so maybe freeze-dried foods for camping trips before but I really didn’t know anything about long-term storage of food I thought having some canned food on the shelves would be good enough turns out if you’re serious about having food if there’s a real emergency for an extended period of time that’s not good enough so I did some research and picked these three different types of foods you can get for emergency rations they each have their strengths and weaknesses they’re also not inexpensive find out more about each of them at the links down below this video as I mentioned I’ve really never been any kind of a survivalist though I did grow up a kid in the 60s and 70s fairly certain that there would be a nuclear war and I spent far too many hours thinking about how to save my family survive the initial blast what to do after that and I think it’s unfortunate that that sort of warped the psyche of my youth but I made a conscious decision when I got older to live pretty much on the borderline between realist and optimists but even the most optimistic of us have to be taken aback by all the natural disasters that seem to be going on right now one right after another your first thought is oh those poor people what can I do to help your second thought though may be what if that happened here how would I be able to take care of my family FEMA recommends having three days worth of food and water as an emergency supply for your family something that you can keep in the back of a closet so what let’s food spoil two things mostly water and oxygen so if you remove those from the food you can have it last a long time 20 30 40 years if you keep it away from too much heat so we’re talking about freeze-dried foods where 97% of the moisture has been removed and then those freeze-dried foods are stored in packaging that doesn’t let oxygen come through one of the best packaging options for that is my law and even better is if inside the sealed mylar packaging you have an oxygen absorber to grab whatever oxygen might get through the first long-term storage food I’ll be trying out today is wise company cheesy lasagna this has a seven-year shelf-life this pouch makes two servings and everything you need to make it is here except for hot water so you need to provide the water figure out how to get it hot I’ve heard in real emergency situations if you just add water to these types of packs you have to wait longer but it’s will still create palatable food so the downside is you do still need water with this and preferably hot water the upside is it actually looks like food and maybe actually tastes like it – this is – serving 6 ounce pack goes for about $12 next up are the survival tabs with a 25 year shelf life now the total contents of this there are 12 tabs in here this is supposed to be enough food for one day and now even after eating all 12 it’s less than 400 calories it’s supposed to keep up your electrolytes and basically it focuses on keeping your thinking going and your hand-eye coordination and so forth so you can continue to function those survival tabs are meant to be taken one per hour for 12 hours while you’re awake and 2 packages of this so enough theoretically for 2 days goes for about $9 and these SOS emergency food rations are I think my favorite of the bunch these look the most seriously like an emergency food supply there are nine bars sealed up in the package each one is close to 400 calories and this doesn’t focus so much I’m giving you electrolytes it just focuses on giving you something to eat these have a 5 year shelf life and what I like is they’re actually approved for emergency food use in life rafts and other situations so if they get dropped into the salt water if they’re in the heat for a while and so forth they should still be good this 3600 calorie pack which is intended to get you through three days goes for about $11.50 you can find out about all of these at the links down below this video I’m off to get two cups of boiling water and I’ll be right back to get this cheesy lasagna cooking yes that’s mylar lining here this one does seal up but I think that’s just for a while it’s cooking it’s resealable Oh gotta take this out and as I mentioned oxygen is the enemy of long-term storage of the food this is an oxygen absorber at first glance it reminds me of a Hamburger Helper dried mix smells pretty good lots of good spices in it there’s some chunks of the seasoning that just sort of formed a ball on having the smashing now seal it up and give it 15 minutes to do its thing brought in a drink in case I need some help washing down these other two while I’m waiting for this I’m going to try a survival tab or two that that sound that’s the mylar tearing so again we have mylar to provide the long life keep out that oxygen kind of chalky looking give one a try I don’t know how to explain what it tastes like not great tastes like dried milk number one ingredient nonfat dried milk solids mm-hmm taking that and then they’ve added some vitamins and minerals that definitely calls for a tea chaser these actually smell like kind of good cookies maybe since they can even survive floating out in salt water they could call them sea biscuits they’re each individually wrapped but not with any kind of serious wrapping just like a little cellophane wrapping around each of the nine bars here’s how it looks with the cellophane wrapper pulled away cookie might be a good dessert for the cheesy lasagna this should be just about done okay that’s some kind of cookie like a very heavy and dense butter cookie I like the fact that it’s so dense that makes me feel like I’ll actually feel full for a while after eating it and for that reason since I’ve got money cheesy design yet yet to try I’ll save this for later dinner for two time it’s been just over 15 minutes much liquid is still floating around in here oh I don’t know if it needs more time or it’s just meant to be this liquidy and runny seams the noodles all fell to the bottom and the sauce all came up to the top that looks a little better now this does look cheesy lasagna noodles that didn’t quite cook still crunchy a whole there’s more I guess it needed more time I would think with the nearly boiling water in the more than fifteen minutes would have been enough it tastes like Hamburger Helper to need a tea chaser with that one too well each of these long life emergency food rations has its place in terms of convenience in terms of being more or less like food you’re familiar with but for me when I would choose to stock up on are the SOS emergency rations really don’t taste too bad I could see even the kids being willing to eat them they’re intended to survive if the package gets wet if it’s in a life raft out in the ocean with the heat and so forth they’re intended to survive that so I know a lot more about survival rations than I did a week ago but there are lots of people who know far more than me so if you have comments about these particular items or about emergency survival food in general feel free to comment down below this video also in the comments let me know future products you’d be interested in see me review I would never have thought to try emergency rations so thanks to the viewer who suggested that there will be a poll up here in the corner if you click on that you can tell me what you’d like to see next Friday I’ll give you several options the one that gets the most votes I’ll be reviewing on Friday you can keep checking back for that video or you can click that subscribe button in the bell next to it you’ll get notified when our videos go up see you on the next review you guys try what does the Fox by nobody knows 34 me goes shopping he watches our video


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