CBD Oil for Anxiety, Pain, Stress | How to Use Cannabidiol for MAX Benefit & Potential Side Effects

In today’s video we’re gonna be discussing something that’s been a little bit controversial and that is CBD if you’re new to my channel welcome, my name is Jessica. I’m a holistic nutritionist but mainly I’m just an everyday mom who’s trying to make simple and natural choices that integrate really easily into my family’s […]

7Acres one of the biggest marijuana greenhouses’ security review

Morning. How can I help you? Morning! We are coming from Dinafem. Okay. Watch the light above your head. It will turn green and you can come on through. Yeah. One second. We┬┤ll let you in there. My name is Alan Robertson. I am the Director of Security for Seven Acres. Our job here is […]

Sengled Element Classic – Smart LED Bulbs Starter Kit Review

Alexa, turn on bedroom Okay Alexa, turn on balcony Okay Original Video Reviews Hi everyone Welcome to a new video by Original Video Reviews I’m the OVR guy And as you can see we have here a new package Which contains the Sengled Element Classics smart bulb starter kit As always, we’re going to find […]