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Microbe Life Hydroponics PH21367 Vitamins & Amino Acids Supplement for Hydroponics Soil Conditioning and Aquaponics (16 Ounce)

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Vitamins & Amino Acids provides a blend of all of the essential vitamins and amino acids required by many fruits and vegetables which may not be present in your current nutrient program. Most of the commercial nutrients sold today only contain a few of the more than 70+ nutrients that plants require. […]

Organic Fertilizer Multi-Purpose For All Vegetables, Flowers & Trees Professional Grade by MicroLife Granulated (6-2-4) 7LB

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Extremely powerful, homogenous, granulated All Organic Biological fertilizer containing: Fish, Kelp, Molasses, Emery Humates, Bat Guano, Rock Phosphate,Wheat Middling’s, Soy Meal, Cottonseed Meal,Alfalfa, Corn Meal, Kmag, Potassium Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, 18 select Amino Acids, Folic Acid,Vitamins, plus the MicroGro Supreme Bio-Inoculant package which contains billions of beneficial microorganisms including Endo & Ecto […]

Organic Liquid Fertilizer Super Seaweed Concentrate Professional Grade for Indoor & Outdoor Plants by MicroLife (1 Gal)

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Homogenous, liquid concentrated All Organic fertilizer containing: Ecklonia Maxima Kelp extracted through patented cell burst technology process, Fish Hydrolysate manufactured via natural enzymatic extraction, Blackstrap Molasses, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Select Amino Acids profile, Select Natural Plant Hormone/Natural Plant Stimulator/Natural Vitamin profile, Calcium Phosphate, Arcanite, Selected Sugars and Tryptic Soy Agar. No […]

Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC Lawn Fertilizer, 22-Pound Bag (Granular), 100% Organic Fertilizer

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] 100% Natural & Organic fertilizer for All Purpose and easy to use. Your lawn will have the best green color ever. Maximizes microorganism activity for healthier and stronger soil & lawn. It provides organic matter essential for microorganisms. It is one of the building blocks for fertile soil rich in humus. Develops […]

Organic Fertilizer Multi Purpose For All New & Established Vegetables, Flowers Trees and Bushes Professional Grade by Microlife Granulated (8-4-6) 7LB

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Most powerful & nutritional fertilizer possible yet will not burn. 100% slow release, over 100 + nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon/protein and billions of beneficial microbes representing 76 different species. In addition the extra NPK punch we drop in extra rock minerals so this product […]

Liquid Harvest Lazer Blue Concentrated Spray Pattern Indicator – 1 Quart (32 Ounces) – Perfect Weed Spray Dye, Herbicide Dye, Fertilizer Marking Dye, Turf Mark and Blue Herbicide Marker

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Lazer Blue is a non-toxic concentrated colorant designed to be used with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Lazer indicates where application spray has been made for the most accurate coverage. The colorant will fade in time with sun and moisture. Lazer is not permanent and will not stain once diluted. Avoid contact […]

Organic Liquid Fertilizer Maximum Blooms Concentrate Professional Grade for Indoor & Outdoor Plants by MicroLife (3-8-3) 32 OZ

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] The ‘Organic Super Bloom’. Clients call it ‘Blooms in a Bottle’. We put in very select ingredients that will Pop • Pop • Pop blooms on plants. Via the Humic & Fulvic Acid delivery system contained in Maximum Blooms 3-8-3 your plants get a full load of proper nutrition plus special bloom […]

Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer | Gentle Daily Use Formula Plant Food (THREE – 8 oz. Spray Bottles)

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Air plants are some of the easiest plants to care for. Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Food is made specifically for these exotic plants. Daily use formula gives plants just the right amount of water and fertilizer to stay healthy and produce vibrant colors.MADE FOR EXOTIC PLANTS – Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer […]

Sod and Seed Booster – Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster- Natural Liquid Spray Concentrated Fertilizer with Fulvic and Humic Acid- Any Grass Type- Simple Lawn Solutions (1 Gallon)

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Perfect Size for a new sod or seeding. Commerical Size, one gallon Growth Booster. Growth Booster is a specifically designed phosphate concentrate energized with Fulvic & Humic acid. Formulated to increase your lawns vertical and lateral growth. Enhance the thickness of your lawn or speed up growth for new sod and seeding. […]

Cutting Edge Solutions Plant Amp:2502 Plant AMP Growing Additive, 1-Quart

Price: [price_with_discount] [ad_1] Plant AMP is a chelated Calcium product that also contains a proprietary organic plant “stimulating” ingredient. Calcium is the basis of cell wall development in a plant and the chelated Calcium in Plant AMP is extremely soluble, providing an easily utilized source of Calcium. Plant AMP is 100% organic and can be […]