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Sydney Metro: Integrating new city metro stations

(DRAMATIC, FAST-PACED MUSIC) Australia’s biggest public transport project is taking shape… ..and will change how we get around this great global city for generations to come. New, fast and frequent Metro Rail will transform places, making the city more liveable and connected, more productive and more attractive globally. We’ve looked around the world at the […]

The CBD Oil Boom

(audience applauding) – It’s the latest health trend that everybody’s talking about. C.B.D. oil, now it comes form the cannabis plant and many believe it can help with everything, from anxiety and chronic pain, to diabetes, even cancer. We’re in the midst of a C.B.D. oil boom, with products popping up everywhere. Today Doctor Sanjay […]

Dr Sanjay Gupta Interview On CBD Hemp Oil-Charlotte’s Web-Dr Sanjay Gupta Interview On CBD Hemp Oil

Our journey begins here in this small town home Nestled in the mountains with the family who has never allowed TV cameras in before and you’re gonna soon learn why? This is a pretty out here. Yeah They live in Colorado One of two states where it’s legal to smoke pot medically and recreationally But […]